This page has links and info for anyone going through tough times. Whether you feel like you're alone, on the edge or just having an 'off' day, this page is here to help.


You'll find plenty of the good stuff about mental health issues, helping others through tough times, dealing with grief, suicide hotlines and much more.


What you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Mental Health Organisations

These are just a few of the many organisations that concentrate on providing free mental health resources. You'll find information on a whole range of subjects. Whether you're trying to help yourself or understand what someone else is going through there should be something for you here. Have fun! This is a resource particularly for students: This one is a cheeky little link to help you manage your mental health if you're struggling with debt:

Suicide Prevention

First of all, if you or anyone you know is at risk of suicide please please PLEASE call the Samaritans on: 116 123 It doesn't matter how alone you feel, there's always someone there to help. You're more than you're thoughts. Get help.


Below you'll find links to some amazing organisations that are working closely with the LGBTQ+ community. If you think you would feel more comfortable talking about your problems with someone from the LGBTQ+ community, check out the Stonewall and LGBT Consortium links. They can help you find LGBTQ+ Mental Health services in your area.

Grief Help

Losing someone is hard and sometimes the catalyst for other mental health problems. If you or someone you know is dealing with grief then take a gander at some of the links below. We're sorry for your loss. xxx


Unfortunately, homelessness is on the rise in the UK and the numbers only seem to be getting bigger. If you're interested in helping someone on the streets, take a look at the links below. Hopefully you can make a difference to someone.


There's a lot of information about anxiety online but sometimes it gets lost in the ether. Here are a few links to help you really understand what anxiety is and how you can help yourself or someone else.

COVID-19 Resources

It's a fairly natural reaction to be feeling anxious or low during these testing times. Here are some extra nuggets to help make sense of a world turned on it's head. Managing Health Anxiety: Battling Boredom: (Maybe ignore number 6 at the mo...) Financial Help: