things we get asked a lot:

Where can I find the Happy and You Know It podcast?

Good question. To listen on the website, you can access it on the main page titled "The Podcast" but we're aware that some of you prefer to listen in your apps. If you're that way inclined you can follow the links at the top or bottom of each of these web pages. There's everything from iTunes to Spotify, Google Podcasts to Stitcher! There's also a link to our RSS feed if you're feeling technical.

Can I access any of the old episodes?

You should be able to access all our old episodes on whatever podcasting app you use. BUT! For whatever reason, sometimes they don't show up. It happens! First of all, notify us on this email: to let us know which app you couldn't find them on. Sam will then get to helping you out asap. Because that's what he does!

What podcasting app should I use?

Any! As long as it works and you like the interface, you're good to go. Some recommendations would be: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Podcasts Spotify Pocketcasts Overcast Castro Podchaser And plenty more

Do you do merchandise?

Not currently. Sorry :(

How do I get involved?

You're already getting involved enough just by being here! Seriously though, it depends on what you want to do. We're always looking for questions to answer so go to the Ask Us a Question section of the site to submit yours. Any other requests or ideas you have for us, please send to: